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We're dedicated to advancing the online personal training industry. Let us help you understand and effectively use today's valuable web-based technologies to be a better trainer.

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What is the OPTA?

The Online Personal Training Association is the first and only organization dedicated entirely to promoting and expanding the personal training industry's most-important segment - using web-based technologies.

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Benefits to You

Don't go it alone. With OPTA you will connect with the industry's thought leaders in using online technology to support your business. Our focus is making sure internet tools make you more successful.

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Help For All

Technology is a requirement for all businesses, and PT is no exception. Regardless of your fitness specialty your clients expect access to a wide range of internet tools. The OPTA exists to support you in effectively using internet tools to enhance your, and your clients', success.

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Online tools are exciting and necessary for fitness pros, but can also be challenging. We will directly answer your questions. Just click here to start a conversation. It's FREE!

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